Superbly Trained Staff

Expert levels of cleaning is always our #1 priority and is the reason why we spend so much time on training for our staff.

Industry Leading Equipment

We continually upgrade our equipment to ensure you receive the fastest drying times and the best finishes to your carpets.

Top Priority Customer Service

Our ethos is that we are only as good as our last job. Making sure that you are 100% happy is of paramount importance to us.

Keeping a family home running smoothly is largely a matter of cleaning up the little messes. What do you do about the BIG messes, though? Families can put a lot of strain on carpets with dirt, spills, and wear, especially when the household includes both young children and pets. It's very likely that your home will sooner or later face the sort of mess that an ordinary vacuum cleaner simply isn't going to solve. Your carpets are an investment; why not protect them by entrusting them to professional cleaners?

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The Benefits Of Expert Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty, and this fact has been understood for generations. This is why vacuum cleaners were invented. Regular vacuuming is important for keeping your carpets neat, but it's not something you always have time to attend to. When your work schedule is pressing, the cooking needs to get done, and your children are being a handful, it gets more and more tempting to push your vacuuming chores off for another day. The longer you put it off, the more grime works its way into your carpets. Let a professional cleaning reset your carpets to a brand-new look and give you a fresh start!

We strongly recommend using a professional carpet cleaning to restore your carpets. It's a hassle-free way to dramatically improve your home's appearance, and it actually does great things for your carpets' lifespan, too. A brighter, newer-looking floor is just a phone call away. There's more life left in your carpet than you might think; call for a cleaning before you start thinking about a replacement.

Professional carpet cleaning does more than just make your home look better; it's also good for your family's health! Carpets are constantly building up dust, allergens, and potentially-harmful bacteria. Ordinary consumer vacuums are powerless to purge the most dug-in particles from the depths of your carpet. A professional deep cleaning can eliminate these particles entirely. A cleaning that gets rid of bacteria can even purge your carpets of unpleasant odours! Deep cleaning also gets rid of bed bugs and dust mites.

Check the warranty on your carpet! You may need to have professional cleaning done at regular intervals to uphold the warranty's guarantees.

If you want to make your home a brighter, more welcoming environment, a professional carpet cleaning will go a long way toward sprucing the place up.

What Does a Professional Carpet Cleaner Do?

At Wigan Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in enhancing your carpet's appearance to the maximum possible extent of our professional skills. We start every job by carefully identifying your carpet and then tailoring our cleaning activities to exactly meet the specific needs of your home. We'll start off with a thorough vacuuming before we begin to deploy our more specialized equipment to get the deep cleaning process started.

This process starts with a deep-penetrating hot cleaning solution that soaks into every fibre of your carpet. Once it has soaked in completely, we will perform a complete rinse cycle before starting the drying process. Fully drying your carpet takes only a few hours, and once this is done you'll have a perfectly cleaned carpet to enjoy!

Wigan Carpet Cleaners: Your Best Choice

Wigan Carpet Cleaners have been providing top quality services for more than 30 years. We provide outstanding service for both domestic and commercial clients. We stand behind our work, and our professional carpet treatments come with a satisfaction guarantee. We know that you are trusting your home to us, and we do everything we can to uphold that trust. We always use the finest possible products and techniques, and we never cut corners. Our cleaning services are always customised to meet your needs, and we match our services to your schedule. From the very outset, we take pains to collect every possible piece of information to ensure that your carpet is treated properly. Your home or office deserves the very best of care, and that's exactly what we aim to provide.

In order to provide peace of mind to our clients, Wigan Carpet Cleaners maintains comprehensive insurance coverage. We employ only the most experienced, reliable, and enthusiastic cleaners. They have all passed thorough background checks and are trained to uphold strict confidentiality rules when they are on the job. We know that you want carpet cleaners to be not only skilled but also honest, so that is exactly how we recruit and train our cleaners. You need never worry about receiving substandard service from our employees. You can rest assured that we will always employ the best techniques and finest products when you entrust your carpets to our care.

We own and operate state-of-the-art equipment for all of our cleaning jobs. We charge no renting fees!

Trust Wigan Carpet Cleaners to help out with all of life's messes, little or large. If you need your carpets looking their best for a big event or a special visitor, let us clean every last fibre to perfection. With Wigan Carpet Cleaners, the job is always done right the first time, saving you time and money.


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